DS Women’s Blog Bible Study (BBS) is an online small group study for Christian women. The purpose of BBS is to be able to study together scriptures, and fellowship together.

Bible studies are a great way to learn about what God means in your life, what God wants to do in your life and when life seems to be a little hard, God is there to help you through. We often wonder why more women are not participating in life altering studies. The most common reason seems to be the time commitment, women are just so busy with everyday life. Women seem to not have time for a structured Bible Study and they miss the opportunities to learn and study the Bible with other women. We want to reach out to those women who are unable to participate in a church Bible Study or Small Group Bible Study. We want to share our passion and enjoyment for reading the Bible through spirit-filled authors. We want you to feel the benefits so many women enjoy from a structured study of the Bible. We know from our own experience that of these authors, the knowledge they are willing to share with the Bible study and the changes we have felt in our own lives are reasons to study and learn with other women. Once you complete your first Bible Study, you’ll become as addicted as a coffee or tea drinker. . . and desire a daily dose of God’s Word! We are simply a group of women who share a passion for Bible Study and want to share it with other women.

Getting Started

How do I sign up for a BBS?
You will sign up for your BBS when the class lists are posted. There will be an introduction to the study and you will be able to tell us who you are, where you are from, and why you want to take this Bible Study. Once you do that, you will be signed up for the class.

How will I purchase the workbooks?
If you are in the Omaha, NE area we will have the workbooks at the Divine Coffee & Books located at Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church. You should also be able to purchase them at your local Christian Book Store. Another option is to purchase them from the publishing company. If for example we are doing a Priscilla Shirer study you will be able to purchase the workbooks at www.lifeway.com. If for some reason you cannot find the workbooks, contact Kami at kami@dsomaha.org and we can work something out.

What time and day do we meet?
We may have women all over the states participating in the online study. Therefore, we do not need a specific time, just a specific day. Studies will be posted every Thursday. You’ll get an email with a reminder it is BBS day. Visit the BBS site and post your comments about the current week.

How do I participate in an online study?
Similar to a church small group, we’ll ask questions about the current lesson. Please post a comment and answer or ask another question. We’ll also accept prayer requests and support you in your study. We learn from one another, so every question and comment is helpful. Please participate in the discussions.

What happens if I start late or take a week vacation and fall behind?
No worries. The online Bible Study format allows you not to miss anything, because the discussions are ongoing and never removed. So you can join anytime and catch up, or fall behind without guilt.

Where can I find the audio/video segments for the study?
Not all authors have audio or video segments for their Bible studies. If they are available, we’ll let you know. Currently, the audio segments are $3.99 each from Lifeway (www.lifeway.com) and the video segments are $4.99. Because of copyright laws, and our respect for the authors, we do not provide these at BBS. If you want to include them in your study, you need to purchase them from the publisher or author. These are highly recommended, however due to the cost they are optional for the online study. If you participate in a church study, they will have a leaders kit and play the video at church for your viewing.

What’s next?
If this is your first time at the Blog Bible Study (BBS), here are some details you’ll want to know! We’re a women’s Bible study, online small group.

Similar to a church study, we select a workbook to guide us. The study will last anywhere from four weeks to ten weeks, depending on the book we’ve selected.

You’ll get an email announcing the new blog post-simply follow the one that relates to your study. In the blog post, you’ll see a summary of the lesson, prayer requests, scripture verses and a group discussion question. We do NOT publish written works by the workbook authors and we respect copyright laws. Similar to a church small group, we facilitate a discussion of the current study.

How You Participate at the BBS

  • You’ll need to get a copy of the workbook required for your Bible study.
  • You read the daily lessons and answer the questions in your workbook.
  • The audio or video sessions for each study are optional, due to the cost.
  • When you’ve finished the lesson, post a comment at the BBS.
  • We invite you to reply to any comments from other women in the study.

At the Divine Shepherd BBS, we’ve enjoyed the ability to read and post comments as we learn together. We encourage one another in spiritual growth. It is our hope that many will build lasting friendships and communicate with each other. Our hope is that you will create a passion for learning the Bible, share that passion with others and learn with other women of faith.

Welcome to the BBS!



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